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The Song That Keeps Traditions Alive

Listening to “Weino” by Dana Salah, I was in awe of how an Arabic song could be so modern yet traditional at the same time. The Palestinian-Jordanian singer/songwriter, previously known as King Deco, realized that most of her songs don't include a trace of the Arab voice and culture, which sparked her creation of “Weino”.

“Weino” meaning “where is he” is the first song that was produced under the name Dana Salah instead of King Deco, as she is proud of being an Arab-Muslim artist who wants to hold on to her name, language, and culture. The song includes several parts of the Arab heritage by using “ah we ha”, and several parts of the Arab wedding song. Including the Arab heritage in the song brings people, whether old or young, together when they listen to the song as it intertwines both traditional Arabic music with pop-indie music, adhering to the musical taste of several generations. The artist also filmed the music video in an old house in Jabal Al Weibdeh, Amman with costumes ranging from modern to traditional. A traditional Palestinian dress was worn in the video to portray the culture, and the location presented the beautiful old architecture of Jordan.

“Weino” is a catchy song that I could not stop listening to. The song will create a new era of Arabic music as it includes Arab, Latin, and Western features making it a song that is worth listening to not just to the Arab community but people ranging from different countries all over.

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